Things to Know Before You Attend a Guided Walk

I am so glad you are considering attending a guided walk to connect with Nature. Here are a few things to know before you come:

What to Expect:

I offer an opportunity to connect with the healing benefits of time in Nature. These walks are not physically strenuous. Typically, we wander for less than a mile on a one to two hour walk. This walk is an opportunity for a mini retreat from daily life. To facilitate this, I encourage the group to put away cameras and cellphones or set them to silent.

Each person on our guided walk will have a unique experience. I give a series of invitations that help us to slow down while using our senses to build a deeper awareness of our surroundings. After most invitations, there will be an opportunity to share what we are noticing. (No one is expected to talk—silence is an acceptable way of sharing during these circles.) Through these invitations and sharing times, we begin to connect more deeply with the forest and ourselves. These walks can also be excellent team building opportunities.

Forest Therapy, Walking in the Woods

What to Bring:

Bring your curiosity and your willingness to notice and experience new things! I want this walk to be an enjoyable time for each participant.

Walks occur in all weather (except for active blizzards or thunderstorms!) Bring what you need to be comfortable: water, sturdy walking shoes, layers of clothing, appropriate weather gear (umbrella, coat/hat/gloves). Bring a natural insect repellent during warmer months. (I will also have some available.) Mosquitoes, flies and ticks are common in our area. (Long pants can also help protect against insect bites.)

As your guide, I provide a camp stool or mat for sitting in our circles. In colder months, I have hand warmers and extra hats and scarves available.

I look forward to spending time in Nature with you soon!

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