Meet S.A.S.S.E.M. the Sassy Sloth

Doesn’t everyone have a sassy sloth in their lives to accompany them to doctor’s appointments and treatment centers? What? You say you don’t even have a teddy bear? I can’t imagine going through this recurrence of cancer without my faithful companion.

woman at hospital holding sassy sloth stuffed animal

I believe that everyone who is stumbling through a health adventure NEEDS something that is both cozy and comforting. During past cancer occurances, I kept a fleece blanket with me. This time, however, I decided that I really needed something that would make me smile. It had to be soft and fuzzy, a bit sassy, and easy to cuddle. Meet Sassy Sloth!

When I saw Sassy Sloth advertised in an email from Altar’d State clothing store, I knew in an instant that I HAD to adopt her. She fits all of my criteria for a companion during cancer treatments. In addition to her cute face, Sassy is filled with lavendar blossoms so she smells amazing. Plus she can be microwaved which turns her into a heating pad.

Better yet, Sassy brings joy to others. At first I was a bit apprehensive about what folks would think when they saw a middle aged woman with a stuffed animal. But when I carry Sassy Sloth with me into the James Cancer Center for appointments, tests or treatments, people smile as they walk past. Many comment that they love my little sloth. And my medical team always ask how she’s doing.

super powers, cape on stuffed sloth, love

Are you wondering about her formal name of S.A.S.S.E.M.? When I introduce SASSEM to others, they always nod and smile to hear how Sassy Sloth got her long name. The letters stand for Slowly And Steadily Supporting and Encouraging Me. I wanted something that would remind me that I’m not alone on this health adventure. There are so many friends and family members who love me, are concerned for me, and are cheering me on.

A friend asked about Sassy Sloth’s cape. That is a most important part of carrying out her job of comforting and encouraging me! The cape is made of super soft fleece which is comforting when I rub it. And it has sparkly sequins that spell out LOVE. (I made this cape by cutting off the leg of a pair of toddler pants! Since it is made of fleece, there was no need to hem any edges.)

Check back occasionally to see new photos of Sassy Sloth that I have added to this gallery…

sloth stuffed animal on purse

stuffed sloth sitting on desk

cancer patient with companion stuffed sloth

woman with bandaged arms wearing mask, cancer warrior

woman at hospital holding sassy sloth stuffed animal

sassy sloth stuffed animal in hospital bed

sassy sloth is an osu buckeye fan

Meet my companion on this cancer journey and see a gallery of Sassy Sloth photos HERE

sassy sloth with fancy desserts

OSU Buckeyes, James Cancer Hospital, Blanket

sassy sloth waiting for doctor