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After weeks of behind-the-scenes work, I’m happy to announce that my on-line world is changing. My core passions are still strong: telling stories, finding beauty via art and photos, chasing adventures, mentoring others and spending time in Nature. But, as I mentioned in a previous blog post (click HERE to read it), I have found a new career that encompasses all of these things. To be more professional, I am expanding my presence on-line.

(February 2018) — WELCOME to this new website! The process of setting up the website and migrating the archives was a challenge for me. I love new adventures and new experiences…but figuring out tech stuff SCARES me!! Whew! Everything is now up and running (and looking pretty). I have told you before how supportive my husband is of me reaching for dreams. (Read blog posts about him HERE and HERE.) Big shout-out to hubby who once again rescued me! He did much of the tech-work to set up the website plus mopped up buckets of tears when I was overwhelmed.

The Big Epic blog is the focus of this website. The stories and photos you enjoy will always be the centerpiece! We already have new adventures on our calendar for this spring and summer. (You ARE coming with us virtually, aren’t you?) In addition, there will eventually be stories and resources related to Forest Therapy. Subscribers from my old wordpress blog (who received notification of each new post via email) have been moved along with the blog to this new website. (Don’t worry—no packing boxes required. I did the “moving” for you!) *If you are not already a subscriber, Don’t Miss Out! Please use the box on the home page for this site to subscribe for email notifications! (Found at the top of the sidebar on a computer, scroll to bottom of site on a mobile phone)*

Most of you know that I’m comfortable being very open about what’s going on in my life. I have been urged, however, that it would be wise to separate “personal” from “business” on Facebook. I’ve put together a new Facebook page for The Big Epic. (Click HERE to check it out. Please “Like” and “Follow” to see new things I post there.) Within the next few weeks, I will regularly add nature photos, links to new blog posts, tips for connecting with nature, mini stories of outdoor adventures, and more.

You have seen many of the photos I’ve taken of beautiful scenery and tiny wonders found on our adventures. I’m finally starting to share some of my favorite photos on Instagram HERE . Most of you probably don’t know that I collect quotes (pages and pages and pages of them…let’s not talk about all of the computer files, notebooks, and binders filled with quotes, okay?!) I am currently making collaged scrapbook pages to illustrate “Lessons from the Forest.” Photos of these pages will be gradually added to a gallery on the website. I’m also learning how to add quotes directly to digital photos.

I am excited about all the new things happening with The Big Epic! I so much appreciate the encouragement many of you have given me. I look forward to continuing our conversations in new ways and new places on the internet.