Epic Adventures

Life is filled with ADVENTURE! Join me as I share stories and photos from our Outdoor Adventures HERE and from Daily Life HERE.

I have always had a strong need to Connect with Nature–for healing and for wholeness. I’m beginning a new adventure as a certified Forest Therapy Guide to help others find their own connections with the natural world. Read more about that HERE.

rainy day, walking in the rain, umbrellas


I have always known that I’m drawn to adventure. I thrive on change and feel trapped by routine. Some days I feel like a failure–seemingly never able to finish things, always chasing the next big thing. Other days I joke that I should have been a gypsy, constantly on the move.

It was a relief to identify myself as a story-seeker. But that still didn’t explain the *need* for new, for big, for chasing dreams. But then we figured out that my entire life can be seen through the lens of “The Big Epic.” I’m a master at thinking outside the box, laying out detailed plans (oh how I love lists!), starting the next adventure, followed by making some type of “artifact” to close that epic. Then the cycle starts all over again.

Over the past few years, I have used this blog to share my latest BIG EPIC adventures. I plan to add stories from past epics, as well. Sit back and enjoy the stories and photos, dream awhile, then go out and pursue your own epic adventures!

Wondering what a “BIG EPIC” is? Check out the answers to common questions HERE.

I love to hear stories from fellow wanderers. Please share what you are doing—in the comments to blog posts or on the Big Epic Facebook page HERE.

We have added Lego Tiny-Mes to our adventuring. Read their humorous stories HERE. And follow their daily Tiny-Adventures on Instagram HERE.