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sloth companion taking meds with ice cream
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LATEST UPDATE:  I’m trying something new and putting daily updates from this 3-week cycle into a separate post. You can find it HERE. 

I will add the latest update to the bottom of the post. And you can add comments if you like. Please book Mark this link to stay up to date with the ebbs and flows of chemo therapy.

GOOD REPORT FROM LATEST SCAN: tumors are finally shrinking significantly so this particular chemotherapy regimen is effective against these cancer cells. After 5.5 months of “we’ll know more in a few weeks” we can finally make decisions that have hope rather than desperation and that are moving forward not marking time.


If you have missed any past updates, you can look through all of the previous mini updates on an archive page found HERE.


History: In mid-February I discovered that the chronic cancer (uterine Leiomyosarcoma or uLMS) I was first diagnosed with in December 2018 has returned again. Unlike its recurrence in December 2019 when I was quickly scheduled for major abdominal surgery to remove the three tumors, this time surgery is not an option. There is one larger tumor (bigger than a baseball), a few smaller ones, and multiple little ones which are unlikely to be fully removed with surgery. This time, we must find a medication that is effective in slowing the growth and even shrinking the current tumors. Read a much longer post HERE sharing the back story to what I’m currently facing.

(THANK YOU for following with me on this cancer journey! I appreciate every comment, encouragement, prayer, good wishes, and other types of support. I can’t imagine doing this alone…)