Another Quick Update from my Phone

I’ve got enough brains right now to make a short update but not to sort through internet connection issues for my computer. So I’m adding a quick short update from my phone.

Monday I completed the hair trim we started last week (when clumps of teal colored hair started falling out). I shaved my head to leave a fuzzy scalp. I was shocked that it actually looks GOOD!! (It’s one way to highlight my eyes—which I consider to be my best feature…)

I had the two meds infusion on Tuesday. It went smoothly. I felt reasonably good until I got back home and fell apart with an unexpected pain spike. Eventually made some changes with my pain/palliative team to give smoother long term control and was then able to fall asleep rest of Tuesday.

Yesterday, I had buzzy jittery energy from the 3 days of steroids wrapped around this bigger infusion day. I tried to copy my still very active mom (who is in her 80s) and do small energy burst tasks with cat naps (errrr, dog naps?!) in between to avoid huge crash from overdrawing my physical energy bucket.

“Origami Dog” triangulating to find a good balance of energy for her and for me

After a few very likely to be draining days of feeling horrid, exhausted, not hungry, etc, today through sometime this weekend, we are hoping for a gradual slide back upwards to feeling good for a week of days in a row. Next week is rest-week with no infusions.

As always, thanks so much for your encouragement, prayers and letting me know I’m not forgotten on this health adventure! Love to each of you…

4 thoughts on “Another Quick Update from my Phone

  1. Jill, you are beautiful. Thanks for the update. Praying you get some pain relief soon and can have some pain free days soon.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love you!!


  2. Hi Jill,
    So your birthday kind of sucked with all the chemo side effects. I’m sorry – I was hoping you would have a good porch day despite the crazy wind storms and weird temperatures that have been the norm for the past few days. Just because you are the only blog I am trying to follow – I am having a hard time finding these. Thought I had it figured out with the reset on the mack truck (looked like a new site), but haven’t seen anything from you for a while. Went back to mack truck and clicked on jecolorfulheart subheader which got me to the posts for 5/27. Do you change sites that often or am i not using an overall website that does straight to the latest/greatest?


  3. So since you have great hair colors and can’t wait to see what wig you go with, if you have not streamed RAYNA< the last dragon (Disney flick, I actually saw it in movie theater this week socially distanced and masked) the main dragon character See-See (or Cee-Cee – not sure how dragons spell their names) totally reminded me of you – gotta check out the hair color in her human form – she could be your alter ego! Also, saw a show where the person stated she needed to find answers about her father's death not for closure, but to make connections (ie carry on his story (Navy POW who died in WWII on a hell ship, which I had never head of) Since you are starting a new dictionary of terms as a cancer navigator, I liked that one.


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