Cancer Rest Week 3

I add a mini-update every few days to the landing page to access health-adventures on my website. Once a week or so, I gather the recent updates and turn them into an archive post. If you are a subscriber to my website, you will receive an email each time I post one of these summaries and each time I post other stories or information from along this journey. This week has been a cancer rest week for the chemotherapy regimen that I’m on—Week 1-Med#1, Week 2-Med#1 & Med#2, Week 3-rest with NO chemo. Whew! This really has been a better week!

Hmmm – looking back at this week I realize how very boring everything has been… (well, other than being in the hospital from Sunday through Wednesday last week!) But… much as I like epic adventures, it is very important for safety and for sanity to occasionally have a true REST WEEK. I’m grateful for a few days of feeling better, getting a port to make future treatments easier, and stressing out over these little things… Ahhhh… no big bad wolves of bad news to deal with!

Yay for faithful companions on my cancer health adventure!

Thursday, May 13, 2021 — I got home from the hospital stay yesterday evening–having not eaten supper and behind on pain meds. Once I ate a little, took the anti-nausea pill, waited a little, then took the pain pill, I crashed in my own bed for the night. Ahhhhhh! Had a quiet day today with a music therapy appt via video, naps, a bit of reading, and being in close contact with “Velcro Dog” who was so obviously completely ignored while I was gone. HA! I actually ate a decent size dinner (I haven’t had much appetite recently), am updating this page, and then will likely shower and go to bed. Isn’t my life thrillingly exciting?!

Mistaken Trigger Warning!! Palliative Care is for anyone with a chronic or a long-recovery disease or accident. Palliative Care oversees treatment for ALL side effects and symptoms, coordinates care, and helps me fully live the best I can even while in treatments. Hospice is one particular type of palliative care which is to make the patient comfortable at the end of life. Please help others understand this crucial difference! Don’t panic when I say I’m excited to finally be connected with palliative care.

While in the hospital the past few days, I had a consult with the Palliative Care team. They got rid of my mishmash of different types of pain killers and put me on ONE, more effective one. To continue working with them as part of my team, I needed a new-patient visit which can take a few weeks to schedule. But… YAY! I have an appointment with them tomorrow morning. And in the afternoon, I am having surgery to insert a “port” so the nurses won’t have to dig around in my arms to find a vein each time I need lab work or another infusion for chemotherapy.

magical time keeper for cancer rest week
My fancy bling watch is too large for me… so now I have a magical time keeper for this health adventure!

Friday, May 14, 2021 — (recreated from texts) This was another of the infamous hurry up and wait days! I had a morning appt with the palliative care group. They are now an official part of my team to help oversee and coordinate dealing with symptoms such as pain, nausea, bowel movements, fatigue, dry mouth, and anything else that bothers me.

Then Friday late afternoon I had minor surgery to implant a port under the skin in my right upper chest with a tube under the skin in a vein running toward my heart.  Everything went smoothly—and quite honestly it was an easier procedure and easier recovery than the biopsies I’ve had. (All done by the same Intervention Radiology Department.) 

I had to fast until the procedure was done in late afternoon… so when we got out, we went to a fancy burger restaurant. Mmmm-mmmm! So good!

Monday, May 17, 2021 — unexpectedly I’m currently following the expected path for the type of chemo that I’m on. If you remember, each cycle is made of 3 weeks—med 1, med 1&2, rest week. Then repeat the cycle. Since Thursday, I have felt “decent”—not fully good but much better than Mack-truck level of pain, sickness, and discomfort. This “decent” feeling for a few days is definitely what we pray for during the rest week. Hopefully I regain enough energy to help me dive  back into letting poison drip  into my veins again, tomorrow and the following Tuesday. (Am I crazy? No… it only seems that way from outside. I’m just muddling along, making the best decisions we can to help me live as long as possible!) As always, thanks for your comments, texts, encouragement, and prayers. Your support really does make a difference to me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 – I’m headed to town for a lab draw, a doctor’s visit, and chemo infusion of med #1 this afternoon. I might post a quick update this evening. If not, I will try hard to post at least a few sentences tomorrow!

Since I am an active cancer patient yet again, I decided to add a “health adventures” tab to my website. You can follow my current cancer journey in a couple of ways:

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  • Feel free to poke around the site and check out other Big Epic Adventures I have documented in the past—backpacking and other outdoor fun, becoming a certified Nature and Forest Guide, trip reports, and other daily activities.


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(THANK YOU for following with me on this cancer journey! I appreciate every comment, encouragement, prayer, good wishes, little gifties and other types of support. I can’t imagine doing this alone…)

One thought on “Cancer Rest Week 3

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with cancer therapy. It’s helpful to hear a real life story that pulls back the curtain of mystery about this disease. Hugs!


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