Climbing Mountains

I am frequently reminded on this current backpacking adventure of a saying I heard this summer:

“Stairs are just organized mountains”

Mountains are beautiful, but can be intimidating to hike up and down.

(Can you find “Andowen” starting up this mountain?)

Sheer rock faces or slippery steep dirt are intimidating. It sometimes feels like we will fall off the side of the mountain!

It is always easier if there is at least rock jumble or tree roots to help us keep our footing.

And, of course, rock steps or log steps are a huge help. (Thanks, volunteer trail maintainers!) 


So next time you see a set of stairs,  whether rustic or fancy, remember to say thanks for those “organized mountains” that make life easier!


(Read another post about Climbing Mountains HERE.)

4 thoughts on “Climbing Mountains

  1. Leaves changing at wilderness too.
    Refresher BM tomorrow. Found a house in ashland. .

    Looks like an awesome journey. Mountaintop views and breezes!



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