Hiker Hostel

Every week we take an overnight in town to resupply before heading back into the woods. This always includes buying (and repackaging) food for the next section. It usually includes doing a load of laundry to get rid of hiker-stench.

We devour calorie-rich town food–burgers, pizza, ice cream. 

We appreciate faucets and flush toilets. We soak in hot showers. We savor soft beds with pillows. 

Sometimes we stay in cheap hotels. Other times we discover wonderful hiker hostels in trail towns. Last week we enjoyed an extra few days at Angels Rest Hiker’s Haven in Virginia while we waited out the remnants of Hurricane Irma. I highly recommend this hostel to any hiker in the area! 

Of course this place has the usual hostel amenities: loaner clothes so we can do all of our laundry at once; a hiker box to leave our leftovers and to dig for things we might need; and a bunkroom.

(Jeans never worn while hiking–too heavy and cotton wicks body heat when wet)

This place also has a nice bathhouse plus a mobile home with 2 private bedrooms and a shared living room with a comfy couch and real books; a huge fully equipped kitchen; and a large front porch. There are pretty gardens and a yard with a camping area and firepit. Shuttles are available to various points along the trail, and within town. 

Angel’s Rest Hiker Hostel really is a “zerolicious” place to stay when we needed to be in town. (Days off trail are called “zero days” in hiker lingo. Read more hiker lingo HERE.) 

But it’s always good to get back to the woods…no matter how nice the accommodations are in town. See you down the trail! 


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