WATER…we need water…

Hikers have to think about water all day long. Out in the woods there is no magic tap to turn for water to come pouring out whenever we want it. We have to find a water source, filter the water, carry water back to camp, and carry water in our packs for while we are hiking. (Read more about this process HERE.)

It felt weird at first, but we have gotten comfortable with using a “bite-valve” to have water at the ready the moment we are thirsty. We have been happy with the water reservoirs we have carried in the past. BUT…sometimes they leak when we don’t get them tightly closed. This means we run short of water when we need it…and it means the stuff in our packs get wet. Blergh! There is a nifty interior pocket for a water reservoir in our packs. BUT…the full bladder must be put in the pack before our other stuff and it is impossible to refill the reservoir without pulling it back out of the pack. That’s hard to do when the pack is filled to the top! And carrying a full day’s supply of water gets heavy. 2-4 pounds may not sound like much but it’s HEAVY to a backpacker! So…this trip we are trying a new method of carrying water. We bought a “Blue Desert Smartube” kit for each of us. This has an adapter to connect with any water bottle.

This solves the above problems with a reservoir: Bottles are easier to tightly close. They fit in exterior pockets, so no leaking inside the pack. In addition, we can carry less water and stop to filter more at water sources we pass during the day. This lessens the weight we have to carry–which always makes us happy! 

Now that we are a few weeks down the trail, we can report that we LOVE our new system! We have made only one change to it which is to carry an extra bottle cap to use (rather than the tubing) when carrying both bottles back to the shelter from a water source. 

2 thoughts on “WATER…we need water…

  1. Great idea!! I will try this too. I noticed that you have an osprey ag pack, how do you like it? I also have one (a 65L) and I found that I packed way too much and the pack is very heavy too. I had bruises on my hips and buttocks from the hard corners of that pack. I have switched to a smaller pack that was designed for runners, ( Ultimate Direction) so it has a nifty feature, you can carry your water bottle on the shoulder strap. Easy peasy, no more trying to reach around for water. In addition to a water bottle, you can store several other items too, all on the straps in front, so no more struggling with hip pockets that are difficult to reach and zip open or closed. It is so much more comfy and you have to pack less since it’s smaller (45L). Sorry to go on and on. Lol. Hope you enjoy your hike with the young one.
    -LSP (Lumpy Space Princess)


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