Trail Food

We’ve taken many backpacking trips at this point. Our food plans are laid out and basically automatic at this point. We carry 5-7 days of food in our packs as we hike between towns where we can resupply.

After shopping, we repackage the food.

All the excess packaging goes in the trash–saving lots of weight in our packs!

This is breakfast (Daughter has carnation instant breakfast mixed with powdered milk plus a bag of dry cereal. I have strong black tea and belvita breakfast crackers with peanut butter.)

This is lunch and snacks–eaten while hiking. (Lunch is a Luna/Protein bar. Snacks are eaten hourly while hiking and include dried fruit, trail mix, chocolate, and protein such as jerky or nuts.)

This is supper and evening snack. (We have either Lipton Rice Sides or Instant Mashed Potatoes with a foil pack of tuna stirred in for supper.  Before bed, we finish any snacks not eaten earlier in the day, plus Daughter has hot chocolate while I have a nice cup of hot herbal tea that helps joints work smoothly.)

(Read about Resuppply HERE. Read about keeping food safe from bears HERE. )


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