After the Adventure…

WARNING: taking an epic adventure may “ruin” your life!

Our backpacking adventure has been over for a number of months now. The gear which was piled in a corner has been neatly stored in a closet, waiting to be pulled out and used again for another long hike on the Appalachian Trail in the late spring. Daughter and I have gotten more comfortable with daily life in town. Our schedule has gradually filled and it’s a fight to include regular time outdoors.

After the Hike_Gear

In the past, I always assumed that folks who exercised regularly were simply wired differently from sedentary me. For years, I’ve done far more sitting than getting up and moving (including logging thousands of miles chauffeuring kids from point A to point B and back again!) I have always disliked walking along roads and through neighborhoods. After the first time or two, I’m bored witless. Plus, I hate the feel of walking on pavement.

My “normal” life has been ruined by our big hike. Now if I go more than a day or two without long-distance walking, I start feeling antsy. By evening, if I haven’t had enough exercise that day, I regularly find myself taking a walk in the dark around the neighborhood. Even my old dog is affected. She used to spend much of the day dozing by my feet. She rarely bothered going outside to our boring backyard. Now every time I reach for my coat she begs to join me. I can’t convince her that most of the time when I leave the house I’m not going for a fun walk…

walk the dog

walk the dog 2

We still haven’t figure out “what’s next.” (See post about this topic HERE) But since “normal” life no longer fits us, we are plotting and planning our next escape. Until then we will search out interesting places to wander in Ohio. Although there is far too much flat farmland around here, daughter and I have discovered a few areas that add some challenges to our weekly walking excursions.

Rock House_Hocking Hills

There IS beauty to be found outdoors, even if there are no mountains for hundreds of miles!


Perhaps, if we keep walking, we can stay connected to the peace that we experienced on the Appalachian Trail…


(Read about what we have lost and found while backpacking… HERE)

5 thoughts on “After the Adventure…

  1. I’m trying to figure out how to make a living backpacking. Doing the JMT in June and I’ve concluded that office life isn’t for me. Let me know when you figure it out!


  2. Luckily I live near the AT now, but I started my backpacking 25 years ago in Ohio. If you are near Hocking Hills there are some great spots. Shawnee state park also. Look for the “Wildcat” trail. Its not mountains but decent hills


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