Three Good Things

After a long day of hiking, writing a full journal entry sometimes takes more energy than we have. As a quick way to remember the main points of each day, daughter and I try to capture “My Three Good Things” plus one negative each. I’m not a fan of baseless positive thinking…but watching for things that bring joy helps to reframe even difficult days.

AT gals

We thought you might like to read a few of our favorite things from our first week on the Appalachian Trail:

  • “Trail Magic” … water given to us when we ran short
  • Daughter sings and tells stories to keep our spirits up
  • Fascinating critters to spy along the trail
  • Hot food tastes soooooo good!
  • Rainy days!…cool while hiking, time to hang out in the dry shelter
  • It’s getting easier…even on steep terrain
  • “Trail Magic”…oranges are amazing on a hot day
  • Family drove to visit us along the trail
  • Encouragement from on-line friends (yes, your comments really do matter!
  • A pizza party! (I can’t even get pizza delivered at home…)
  • Meeting so many fascinating people
  • Hanging out with others around a dancing campfire
  • Campfire

Negatives include such things as aches and pains, being sooo exhausted, and walking in wet boots.

What are some of the “rainbows” you have found in YOUR daily life recently? (We really would like to hear your answers in the comments.) Rainbow

(Read HERE about joys from home while we are backpacking)

9 thoughts on “Three Good Things

  1. Was a pleasure to meet you both at the Washington Monument Museum/Visitor Center outside Boonsboro, MD. Glad to hear you are enjoying the “walk in the woods”. Thanks for sharing your experience on the AT.


  2. Good list of blessings there Jill.

    I’m having a full-on week, work-wise. And this morning I was exhausted, and dropped off Flo at daycare, and drove off along the motorway. I found myself singing, ‘dear Lord, three things I pray’ … And I stopped and thought about my top 3 prayers. First, that I should be well enough to work and provide at least the basics for me and my pets (my kids!). Second, that my kids should be well (covering things outside of my control). And third? … Well it was more of a desire than a necessity; to move to another area for more peace in my life. … Then I thought about peace in my life and I realised it pretty much depended on the peace in the lives of everyone around me and in the world. So, I hope you are finding peace on your trail Jill. Peace be with you.


  3. Hmmm!
    ~Hummingbird dancing & hovering around our houseguest at dinner outside last night.
    ~Sighting 4 wild turkeys and numerous young deer today.
    ~Being asked by husband to have breakfast at First Watch this Saturday.
    ~Reading lovely updating blogs from a “bestie”!!!!!!!!


  4. I love that you’re sharing your experiences here & on facebook ❤

    Beautiful things recently — the setting sun low across green grasses; I actually cooked a meal (I mean, I heated fresh pasta on a STOVE :-P); some lovely books and blogs to read; & watched a movie with my colleague this week!


  5. Some good things I’ve enjoyed recently:
    –beautiful walk in the woods at West Creek and seeing some deer, etc there–so peaceful
    –good night’s sleep (after finally getting over the “miserable” stage of a cold–at least even if I can’t talk, I feel fine now except for my losing voice off and on)
    –one of Mom’s “good” days when she actually seems to enjoy sitting out on the patio when I visit her


  6. Hi Jill,
    I finally found five minutes to sit down and find your blog. It looks like things are going well! Here’s m list of blessings for the week.
    Quiet and calm in a busy world
    Love and support from good friends
    The joy of playing cars with my grandson


  7. It was so very nice to meet you both at Ed Garvey on our first night in the woods! Jill, we have finished our trip- we wound up going 55 miles in 6 days! We enjoyed your company and wisdom that evening. Hope you and Anna are doing well on the trial. I cannot wait to see what happens next for you both. Safe travels!!! -Karey and Kristin


  8. Hi Jill, Karey gave me the site of your blog. We stayed with you guys at the Ed Garvey shelter. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and can’t see how far you get!!!


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