Life Disconnected

Modern communication gets tricky with limited internet access and no electricity! No checking email and Facebook multiple times per day (for me). No music play-lists or online gaming (for daughter). While on the trail, we will turn on my cell phone once per day to check for texts or missed calls. Every few days I will post photos and an update on Facebook. Because we also have maps downloaded (off-line) in my phone and have a first generation kindle with books and nature guides in our packs, we are carrying a “battery brick” with us. Recharged each time we are in town, it holds enough power for 3 charges of a smart phone. On resupply days in town (ever week or so), we will be doing a happy dance with phone calls to family and friends, internet access, and electricity to recharge our various devices! I can also post more photos and a blog update or two while in town.

No four-burner stove, oven, or microwave for cooking! We have a nifty stove which is the best of the best in bringing water to a boil super quick. Rather than fussing with cooking with limited food choices, we will simply add hot water to dehydrated flavored noodles or rice, throw in a pouch of meat, and have dinner in our bellies snip-snap! This style of cooking also eliminates the extra weight of pots and pans, cooking utensils, and cleaning supplies, as well as using far less fuel than a typical backpacking stove. We will also have hot drinks for breakfast and cold foods for lunch.

JetBoil Stove

If we have to move around in the woods after dark, we both have headlamps. (I let daughter claim the bright orange one rather than the charcoal grey one—if you know my color-loving soul you know how much I love her!) We also have mini fairy-lights we can turn on in the tent if daughter gets scared during the night. The weight of batteries seems worth it for some peace of mind. I am sure we will also enjoy a campfire or two along the way.



After an initial adjustment to no electronics, we (hopefully) won’t be bored. We will enjoy walking in the woods and following the trail. There will be beautiful scenery to photograph and plants and trees to identify. We will meet people along the way—sharing our stories and hearing theirs. We are carrying paper and colored pencils for sketching. We have a kindle to read and memorize poetry together (especially psalms and poems about the great outdoors). We can sing together (also a great way to keep bears away!) We will keep a journal. And I have some extra duct tape and fishing line hidden away so my queen-of-drama daughter can make herself some costumes and “weapons” for imagination play. (Don’t worry…there will be photos!)

(Read more about backpacking food HERE and HERE. Read about some of the FUN we have on our trips HERE and HERE.)

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